Redskins’ LB blames stadium security for arrests

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher on Monday blamed

security workers at Cleveland Browns Stadium for a confrontation

that led to the arrests of several of his relatives during his

first NFL game in his hometown.

A report from the Cleveland Police Department, however, blamed

what it called a ”riot” on the fans who were arrested, saying a

security official was punched and knocked to the ground while

trying to escort an unruly spectator from the stadium.

Fletcher said four of his family members were arrested and still

in custody as of Monday afternoon. Cleveland police spokeswoman

Detective Jennifer Ciaccia said five people were arrested for

assault on a police officer, aggravated rioting and resisting

arrest and that they had not been officially charged by Monday


Fletcher said he had about 50 friends and family at the stadium

for Washington’s 38-21 win at Cleveland on Sunday. He said they

were harassed because they were wearing Redskins colors, but he

said the fracas apparently began when a security official was

asking how the large group had acquired such good seats.

”Really what led to the ruckus was something that happened with

stadium security – where they’re supposed to diffuse the situation,

they were more instigators or they didn’t diffuse the situation,”

Fletcher said. ”It wasn’t even with the fans at that point in

time. I think one of the stadium workers, I don’t know, he went

overboard with what his job responsibilities were.”

The police report said the incident began when a security

officer saw a fan who claimed to be related to Fletcher taunting

Browns fans. When the officer later tried to eject the fan, others

became involved and that one fan punched the officer ”knocking him

to the ground.”

The report says later ”the riot moved into the concourse area”

and that several people were treated for injuries. Fletcher also

said he had an aunt who was hospitalized for ”neck injuries” and


John Lloyd, operations manager with the stadium’s Tenable

security contractor, had no comment. He referred questions to the

company’s legal department, where a message was left seeking


Associated Press writer Kantele Franko in Columbus, Ohio, and

Thomas J. Sheeran in Cleveland contributed to this report.

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