Redskins’ K. Shanahan: ‘Disappointing’ RG3 benched

The father benched Robert Griffin III. The son would rather have

him on the field.

Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said

Thursday he wasn’t consulted on coach Mike Shanahan’s decision to

sit Griffin, adding that he finds it ”a little disappointing”

that the franchise quarterback won’t be playing for the rest of the


”If it was about really football, I think you would talk to the

offensive coordinator,” Kyle Shanahan said. ”But the decision

doesn’t have to do with football, it has to do with the future of

an organization. That’s out of my realm.”

Kyle Shanahan said he made out two game plans this week for at

Atlanta while waiting for Mike Shanahan to announce that Kirk

Cousins will start the final three weeks. Mike Shanahan, after

consulting with owner Dan Snyder and general manager Bruce Allen,

said he decided to shut down Griffin because of the pounding the

quarterback has taken in recent weeks and that it’s better for the

franchise to have Griffin healthy for the offseason rather than get


”I’m a coordinator. I don’t look at things the same way an

owner does or a GM or a head coach,” Kyle Shanahan said. ”I don’t

look at the future of franchise, I look at how the hell am I going

to win on Sunday, and I would love to have our starting quarterback

out there for the rest of the year. It is a little disappointing to

me that we can’t finish this, but I do understand their


Mike Shanahan is on the coaching hot seat, and Kyle Shanahan

said the accompanying drama is harder to take because of the

father-son relationship.

”I’d be lying to you if I said it was the same as any other

situation,” Kyle Shanahan said. ”If we were going through turmoil

in Houston or anything like that, or Tampa Bay, I definitely didn’t

feel it as much as I do here. I think that’s pretty obvious to

anybody, but I’ve learned to how deal with it better. It’s

something I do have to separate myself from, no matter how much

people want to involve me.

”I do get when people talk about the Redskins, they always put

an `s’ on the last name of the `Shanahans,’ but I can’t help


Kyle Shanahan admitted his father’s success with the Denver

Broncos painted a rosier-than-reality picture of the NFL coaching


”I don’t remember growing up him being a part of a 3-13

season,” Kyle Shanahan said. ”I had a little bit of a

make-believe childhood, growing up with a coach. `This is awesome,

if you get into coaching, you win every year, you get to go to

Super Bowls, you have maybe one losing season which is 7-9 in 15

years, and if that’s as hard as it gets, this stuff is going to be

easy.’ I don’t know if I’m wiser now, but I understand the reality

that coaching is tough. But I can handle it.”

At times, Kyle Shanahan sounded as if he were pitching himself

for his next job, given that he could be on the market in a few


”I think I’ve done some pretty good things statistically, and I

know statistics aren’t everything, but they do say a lot and I

think you can put my statistics with anybody’s and I feel pretty

good about that,” Kyle Shanahan said. ”Yeah, I would love it if

all you guys focused on that instead of my last name, but I

understand that it’s not your guys’ job either. But the main thing

is that coaches and GMs who hire people, they want to win football


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