Cardinals wrap up Flagstaff camp, still no QB

The Arizona Cardinals have wrapped up their training camp in

Flagstaff, still looking for a starting quarterback with just two

preseason games remaining.

The team worked out for a little more than two hours on Tuesday,

then headed down I-17 to Phoenix. They leave Wednesday for

Tennessee and a preseason game against the Titans on Thursday


”This part right here is the hard part,” safety Kerry Rhodes

said of the team’s time in Flagstaff, where the elevation in 7,000

feet. ”Now we’re getting back down there and just fine-tuning

everything. That’s what we’re about right now.”

Coach Ken Whisenhunt pronounced the camp a success and the

players said they looked forward to returning to their own beds,

even if it means practicing in triple-digit heat.

”115 degrees and you get to sleep in your own bed at home, I’ll

take that any day,” wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said.

John Skelton will start at quarterback at Tennessee as he and

Kevin Kolb alternate preseason starts in the competition for the

position. Skelton will get an extra number of plays because he got

so few last week against Oakland, when Kolb started and because of

the way the game went there weren’t as many offensive plays to go


”We’ll have a little bit more of an opportunity this week

because we’ll start the second half most likely with our offensive

line, just because you want to get in the routine of going into

halftime and coming back out,” Whisenhunt said. ”The first thing

is we’ve got to get John enough snaps so we can balance it out,

then we’ll proceed from there.”

The coach said it’s not a given that he will reach his decision

before the final preseason game a week from Thursday at home

against Denver.

”I don’t think there is any pressure or any reason to say that

you would have to make that decision before that game,” Whisenhunt


In the 2008 season, Whisenhunt waited until a week before the

regular-season opener before announcing that Kurt Warner, not Matt

Leinart, would be the starter. The Cardinals went on to make a

surprise run to the Super Bowl.

”As superstitious as everybody thinks I am, I’m not doing that

because that’s what we did before,” Whisenhunt said. ”I just want

to make sure that we have enough situational evaluations of these

players to make that decision.”

Whisenhunt said it’s important for a team to get away from its

home base for training camp, especially in the college atmosphere

the Cardinals have at Northern Arizona University.

”Any time you go away it gives you a chance as a team to

grow,” he said. ”You can have training camp at your place and

still have meetings at night and still have curfew. But what

happens is the players go back to their room and they don’t

necessarily hang around each other.

”When you’re here and you’re in this type of environment,

you’re essentially living together. That’s where the chemistry

grows. I think we already had good chemistry from the work we did

in the spring but this is where it really develops because they’re

around each other from 6:30 in the morning until 10 o’clock at