Recapping the bye week for Tennessee Titans

Earlier this week I wrote about what outcomes the Tennessee Titans wanted out of this bye week.

Let’s look at how those games went through the late games, but before Sunday Night.

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings: Vikings win

Who we wanted: No preference

Kansas City Chiefs at Atlanta Falcons: Chiefs 

Who we wanted: Falcons.

We wanted the Falcons so that maybe it would give the Titans a hint as to how to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. However, the fact that they lost almost solely because of Eric Berry’s 8 points (specifically his 2-point conversion interception for a score) there are definitely still some good things to take away from this game.

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints: Lions

Who we wanted: Saints.

It would have been nice for the Saints to put themselves two games ahead of the LA Rams for draft position, but this is fine too.

Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots: Patriots

Who we wanted: Patriots

The Rams are now 4-8 and can’t have a winning season.

Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars: Broncos

Who we wanted: Jags.

We wanted the Jags because they can’t get into the playoffs now no matter what, and we wanted them to have a worse draft pick.

Houston Texans at Green Bay Packers: Packers

Who we wanted: Packers

Obviously this was a big game. Now the Titans are tied for the lead in the AFC South at 6-6, give or take tiebreakers that don’t matter right now.

Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals: Bengals

Who we wanted: Bengals

Now the Rams are a half-game behind the Bengals, which is better for the Titans draft position.

Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens: Ravens

Who we wanted: No preference

San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears: Bears

Who we wanted: Bears

This makes it much more likely that the Jaguars don’t end up with a top-2 pick, and the Bears could actually go on a little run and push themselves ahead of the Rams.

Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders: Raiders

Who we wanted: Bills

You want the Raiders desperate for wins when they face Indianapolis. Still, with the Patriots winning today they will still be in a hunt for that spot.

New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers

Who we wanted: No preference

Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals: Cardinals

Who we wanted: Cardinals

The Cardinals came into this game with 4 wins, so a win vs the Redskins helped the Rams/Titans draft positions.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Diego Chargers: Tampa Bay

Who we wanted: Chargers

They only had 5 wins coming into this week, plus given that they will always be compared you kind of have to cheer against Jameis Winston.

Overall record for the week so far:

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