Reaction to the NFL’s new 10-year CBA

Reaction to NFL players ratifying a new, 10-year collective

bargaining agreement Thursday, putting the NFL officially back in

business after a 41/2-month lockout:

“We can get back to football, can’t we? It’s awesome. This is a

tremendous journey the NFL and the NFL Players Association has gone

through. There were tough times. Both sides wanted to get our

issues across the board to each other. I think that both sides

worked together great, and it was a joint venture to get this thing

done and get football back to the fans.” – San Francisco 49ers

offensive lineman Tony Wragge

“We have to see if we agree with the (HGH) test. If we agree

with the test, then it’s legit. If not, they have to come up with

another one.” – Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis

“I’m a proponent that they can test all they want. I hate the

cheating. I don’t like guys that feel like they need to cheat to

get an advantage. I want it to be something that’s reasonable and a

reliable test, something that we know is efficient. As long as they

do that, I’m all for it.” – Cincinnati Bengals player rep Andrew


“I felt like a reject, like I was one of the replacements or

something. It was a crazy feeling.” – Washington Redskins running

back Tim Hightower on having to sit out until the CBA was


“I think that both sides had to make compromises. There were

things we would have liked to have gotten and we didn’t. It’s the

same thing with the players. That’s the way it is. There’s give and

take in these things.” – Pittsburgh Steelers president Art


“I signed off because the union and the owners came to an

agreement, and that’s what the lawsuit was about – fighting for a

fair CBA, and that’s what we got.” – New England Patriots guard

Logan Mankins, one of 10 players who sued the league

“We felt like it was getting shoved down our throats. Our

players reps wasn’t comfortable with it. We’re a strong locker

room. We’ve been through too much. We’re not going to just file it

away the way other teams do. We do what we want, we make our own

rules and we said no.” – Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle

Willie Colon

“I think all the teams in the league are experiencing the same

things in regards to not having any installation in OTAs or in

minicamps. Things that you may have introduced back in May or June

that you’re doing for the very for the very first time now. We’re

all in the same boat, and that’s a part of it. There are going to

be some ramifications to that and you have to change the way you

approach things, you have to change the way you teach them. But

that’s just the way it is for every team in our league.” –

Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier

“It’s a fair deal. I think if I was happy, then that means the

owners would be unhappy. I’m happy we have football. I’m happy we

all get an opportunity to play.” – Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan


“A lot of guys have hammered Roger (Goodell) about (disciplinary

process), and some of the stuff last year was arbitrary and I think

he acknowledged that in what he’s doing and I think that’s been

corrected. I think he understands the problem with what was going

on last year, and I think it’ll get changed this year. I think

it’ll be more effective and more reasonable.” – Tennessee Titans

right guard Jake Scott on fines being based on a percentage of a

player’s weekly salary