Ravens Vs. Browns: A Conversation With Dawg Pound Daily

Ravens fans are you ready for tonight? FanSided has plenty of great websites that cover every team and everything fans love. Today we asked Steven Kubitza of the Dawg Pound Daily, to get us ready for the TNF game against the Cleveland Browns.

CS: Are the Browns better than their record suggests?

SK: No. It’s really that simple. This defense has allowed at least 25 points in each game this season, while the offense’s high mark is 28. The talent is just not there, so it is no surprise the team is doing this bad. When the Browns would go 3-13 or 4-12 in the past, there was veteran talent on the team. The best player on this team is Joe Thomas, and he isn’t exactly scoring touchdowns for the team. Any wins for this team will be a major surprise.

CS: Do you think this will be a competitive game? Do The Browns have a shot?

SK: I really want to say it will be close, but the Browns have been so bad lately it will be surprising if they can put up more than 14 points. Confidence is at an all-time low and a short week will do nothing to help. The Ravens have too much experience to slip up against this version of the Browns. So it may be close at some point in the game, but the Ravens will never be in danger of losing.

CS: The Jamie Collins trade was a huge surprise. How much does it help the Browns defense?

SK: It should pay off in the long-term, given the Browns can re-sign him. He didn’t look too great last week, blowing coverage against Jason Witten that led to a touchdown, but it was hard to expect much out of him after arriving in town the same week. But if he can be brought back he will be the focal point of the defense. The trade itself is puzzling, but hey, Browns fans will take it. Then again, Belichick may know something the Browns don’t, as he is the ultimate villain.

CS: What should we know about Cody Kessler? Should he be your starting QB?

SK: He should be the starting QB for now, but his role in 2017 is still to be determined. He is an accurate passer who rarely makes mistakes, but he has a tendency to hold onto the ball for far too long, allowing the defense to record easy sacks and potentially force fumbles. The key for him right now is just to stay healthy and continue developing. He is not the top pick for some fans, but he is having a solid season for a rookie.

CS: Give me a prediction and a top performer for the Browns tonight:

SK: The top performer for the Browns is going to be Corey Coleman. It is only his fourth career game, but he did have two touchdowns against the Ravens in Week 2. He returned from a broken hand last week, but he should finally be back to normal again. Terrelle Pryor is going to garner most of the attention from the Ravens defense, opening up the field for the rookie receiver. But unfortunately, the Browns will lose 27-13.

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