Ravens Rant: John Harbaugh Keeping Staff Together

Breaking News Out Of Baltimore: Nothing Is Going To Change for John Harbaugh’s Ravens:

Ravens fans, this is a you have to be kidding me kind of moment. This is a how does this happen kind of moment. The Ravens biggest need is not a player that they can sign. They have a need even greater than a great draft class. The Ravens need some common sense. Doing the same thing over and over again gets the same results over and over again.

I strongly disagree with John Harbaugh’s decision to bring back Marty Mornhinweg. It makes about as much sense as jumping off a cliff and announcing to the world that you can fly. This is going to end badly, and there is nothing the Ravens can do to stop it. They jumped off the cliff and told the world, that it’s fine.

Let me for a second, play devils advocate here. It will be a quick second, but I have to try to think through the logic of this move. The Ravens have had a revolving door at the offensive coordinator position. Giving Joe Flacco a sixth offensive coordinator since 2012 is less than ideal. Maybe sticking with a guy for once is the way to go…

Okay, I tried. I tried to talk you through this but it makes no rational sense. Marty Mornhinweg was brought in to fix what Marc Trestman was doing wrong. After taking Trestman’s place, Mornhinweg did the exact same thing. He ignored the running game and had Flacco throw the football all day long.

The Bottom Line:

I can live with Dean Pees coming back. I hate the prevent defense. Even though what he did at the end of the Steelers game was an egregious error, it makes sense. The Ravens had a top ten defense all season long. At the end of the day, the Ravens defense kept the team competitive.

John Harbaugh is trying to keep his guys together. It’s admirable loyalty at it’s best. He is literally betting his entire future on Marty Mornhinweg. That takes guts. I just cannot see how keeping everything the same is going to change the Ravens trajectory in a positive fashion. It makes no sense to me.

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