A rolling Moss is throwing stones — Randy lets Week 10’s worst have it

Randy Moss was known to, how shall we say . . . make his feelings known . . . throughout his NFL career.

Well, during his time as a FOX Sports 1 NFL analyst the future Hall of Fame receiver has proven he still has that fire burning. And after a couple of Week 10’s more infamous moments, he showed the world that passion.

Did you see the Bears get #emBEARassed in Green Bay on Sunday night? Randy did:

How about Brock Osweiler — yeah, Brock Osweiler — appearing to show up Peyton Manning on the Denver sideline during a blowout win in Oakland? Yup, Moss was on it:

And don’t worry — our guy works Mondays, too. Unfortunately for the Carolina Panthers, they apparently take Mondays off on Randy’s watch:

Hell, Michael Vick led the Jets to a surprising win over the Steelers on Sunday. You think that kept Moss from giving the veteran QB a piece of his mind about speaking out to the media? (OK, he let Gary Payton do most of the talking on this one.)

So, word to the NFL wise: If you slip up in Week 11, be ready for Randy’s wrath.