Rams’ Wade Phillips Pokes Fun of Himself and Sean McVay Over Age Difference on Twitter

Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips decided to have some fun on Twitter by poking fun of himself and new head coach Sean McVay.

The Los Angeles Rams made history last month by making Sean McVay the youngest head coach in NFL history, as the former offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins was only 30-years-old at the time (turned 31 end of January). Not long after McVay was brought on board, the new head coach decided to go with 69-year-old Wade Phillips as the team’s new defensive coordinator.

Obviously, the massive age difference between the new coaches was one of the first things pointed out by fans, but that doesn’t mean McVay and Philips won’t find a way to be successful during their first season in Los Angeles together. If anything, the age difference between the two is going to constantly be used by fans all season since it’s not often fans see a difference of 38 years between a head coach and one of his assistants.

What’s even more hilarious about this situation is the sense of humor Phillips has over the situation with McVay.

Phillips has provided football fans with some hilarious material over the years, but this may have been one of his best jokes yet, especially since it came out of nowhere. The jokes surrounding McVay being the youngest head coach in NFL history aren’t going away anytime soon, and there’s a good chance this won’t be the last time Phillips cracks these kind of jokes.

The 2017 season is still far away, but it’s good to see some positive humor from Los Angeles after only winning four games all of last year.

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