Rams vs Jets: A few takeaways in what we learned in Week 10

For the Rams vs Jets game, it was another ugly loss that has fans wondering how worse Gang Green can really get. Here are a few takeaways from their Week 10 matchup.

In the Rams vs Jets game, Gang Green fell to the Rams in an unsurprisingly low scoring game. The Jets fell to a lowly 3-7 on the season, making the NFL Playoffs seem almost impossible if it didn’t already. What else can we take away from Sunday’s game?

Quarterback Bryce Petty is not ready to be an NFL starter. Petty had his moments Sunday but if you watched the game or just looked at the box score you know he didn’t have a great first start. But at the same time, he wasn’t awful either.

The reason why I never had a ton of faith in Petty was because he played in a very quarterback friendly system in college where he never really had to huddle or consistently read defenses. Sunday showed even more that he’s not NFL ready, most of the plays drawn up for him were short passes. Not a ton of action down the field, as the Jets wanted to be very cautious with Petty and for good reason.

Cornerback Darrelle Revis is not what he was. We already knew this, but Sunday’s game proved it even more. When teams play the Rams one of the things they don’t concern themselves with is their wide receivers, but Revis had his problems. It’s one thing to let A.J. Green go off on you, but when Kenny Britt gets 109 yards with a bad quarterback, you know something is not right. Revis rough year only continued yesterday.

This isn’t Brandon Marshall‘s year. It’s easy to blame Marshall’s lack of yards or touchdowns on poor quarterback play, but he’s thrived and dominated in questionable quarterback situations in the past. Marshall had just 15 yards on Sunday. In his past five games, he’s caught zero touchdowns and is only averaging 48 receiving yards per game. He’s also only caught two touchdowns the entire year. Obviously, his numbers would be better playing with a good quarterback, but what else is the problem? He’s 32 years old but is he starting to decline? Did Marshall rely on Eric Decker more than we think? Many are curious if that truly is the case.

What’s next in the grand scheme of things? The Jets have a bye week coming up. Their next game isn’t until November 27th and that’s against the rival New England Patriots. Don’t expect that game to be close, the Patriots have too many weapons on offense for the Jets to even come close to handling, and matters could only be worse if Petty starts as Bill Belichick has a history of making life brutal for new quarterbacks getting used to life in the NFL.

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