Rams’ seventh round pick Martin Ifedi ‘thankful’ to be drafted

Rams' seventh round pick Martin Ifedi thought he would go much higher in the draft, but is happy to be in St. Louis. 

Jeff Curry/Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams seventh round pick Martin Ifedi thought he would go a lot higher in the draft, but is grateful nevertheless to be drafted by the Rams. 

“I thought I might go higher, but it wasn’t up to me. The fact that I got drafted, I’m thankful,’’ the 23-year-old said over the weekend following a rookie workout at Rams Park. “I’m excited to be here, to work with coach (Mike) Waufle and to get a chance to work with the guys on the defensive line. I consider it an honor to have a chance to learn from the best.’’

Ifedi struggled with a knee injury his senior season at Memphis and that likely hurt his draft stock.

“The fact that I missed some games definitely hurt my production, As the season went on and my knee got healthier, I felt my play improved.’’  

Ifedi knows there will be an adjustment to the NFL game.

“At every level, there’s learning to be done,’’ he said. “But at the end of the day, it’s football, the same game we’ve been playing for years. I just have to listen and learn and keep working hard.’’

Ifedi is coming into St. Louis with some confidence. He remembers a play where he beat Rams’ third round pick Jamon Brown for a sack against Louisville. 

“I remember me spinning outside on a double-team between him and the left guard and getting to the quarterback,’’ Ifedi said. “I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t remember because they won the game.’’

Brown did have a response to Ifedi’s sack comment.

“You know, I can’t really remember giving up a sack against Memphis at all. But if that’s the way to stir up competition, then I’ll like it.”

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