Rams QB Jared Goff Surprise Upcoming NFL Combine Players

Los Angeles Rams quarterback recently stopped by a high school to help potential NFL stars for the upcoming combine.

When it comes to making the adjustment to the NFL, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff knows a thing or two about the process since it wasn’t long ago he went through the same exact transition. With the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft a few months away, the Rams quarterback decided to surprise a group of potential future players, and provide a few tips about how to approach the combine.

TMZ was able to obtain footage of Goff practicing at Oaks Christian School with numerous players hoping to make a splash in the NFL someday, two of which included Jesus Wilson and Quincy Adeboyejo. Goff of all people realizes how nerve-wracking performing at the combine can be, so it was awesome to see last year’s No. 1 pick take some time out of his day to provide a little advice on what to expect.

As for Goff and the Rams, it will be interesting to see if the quarterback can figure out a way to successfully work with his own group of receivers in the offseason since one report indicated there were some issues towards the end of the regular season. Los Angeles was willing to surrender a ton of future draft picks in order to land Goff in last year’s draft, and the last thing the teams wants to see happen is the offense struggle like they did in 2016.

It’s one thing for a rookie to struggle while making the adjustment to the NFL level, but Goff deserves some benefit of the doubt when seeing the group of receiving corps he had to work with. Hopefully, all of that changes for Goff and the Rams heading into his first full season as the starter.

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