Rams place tackle Smith on injured reserve

Injuries have taken their toll on the offensive line of the St.

Louis Rams, who have lost both starting tackles and a backup to


St. Louis placed right tackle Jason Smith on the injured reserve

list Friday. Smith sustained a concussion and a neck injury Oct. 23

against Dallas. He is the 13th Rams player now on the IR list.

Smith did some work on the bike Monday, but had to shut it


”We just thought it was the right thing to do now and here’s

the reason why. When you really look at it, he’s getting close but

he’s not there,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said after practice. ”He

hasn’t done anything for a month. The concern got to be if we

waited another week or two weeks, and try to get him ready to go,

are we doing the right thing for the player in that you don’t do

anything for five weeks and then you rush him out there?

”We’re trying to be smart about it. He’ll fight through this

thing like he did a couple of years ago and we’ll get him back and

he’ll be ready to roll.”

The Rams (2-8) will host the Arizona Cardinals (3-6) on Sunday

and one of the big goals is to protect quarterback Sam Bradford. In

his second season, Bradford has been sacked 31 times for 205 yards

in losses. His quarterback rating is 70.9.

Rodger Safford, the left tackle, tore a chest muscle lifting

weights last week and was placed on injured reserve. Backup Mark

LeVoir took his starting spot last Sunday against Seattle and

sustained a similar pectoral muscle injury that will have him out

up to four weeks.

When LeVoir when down, undrafted rookie Kevin Hughes of

Southeast Louisiana took over. Hughes was promoted from the

practice squad the day before the game when Safford went on IR.

Chris Clemons, Seattle’s top pass rusher, made Hughes’ NFL debut

one to forget. Hughes allowed 2 1/2 sacks, two quarterback hits and

a quarterback hurry against Clemons.

Backup Adam Goldberg has been at right tackle since Smith went


St. Louis signed former Baltimore Ravens guard Bryan Mattison

off the waiver wire.

The Rams also signed offensive tackle Thomas Welch to the roster

Tuesday from the Buffalo practice squad. Welch was with New England

to begin the season and made one start for the Patriots.

”He’s a guy that the personnel department had their eyeball

on,” Spagnuolo said about Welch. ”He’s been in the system, knows

the terminology and the verbiage and whatnot, so that’s a bonus.

And he’s a big guy.”

The Rams made a change in centers for the Nov. 6 game at

Arizona. Tony Wragge took over for Jason Brown, who was


Spagnuolo has options to mix and match. Guard Harvey Dahl has

played tackle before and Brown has played at guard.

”We’re going to have five guys line up on the OL and away we

go,” said Spagnuolo, declining to reveal who was going to play

where Sunday.

Running back Steven Jackson acknowledged the juggling on the

offensive line affects his timing. The three-time Pro Bowler had a

string of three consecutive 100-plus yards gained snapped in last

week’s loss to Seattle.

”It affects it a little bit. That’s why I have to try and get

as many reps as I can throughout the week with those guys,”

Jackson said. ”(I) try to get a feel for how things are going to

flow, how things are going to work when we have pulling guards or

pulling tackles in the game. The mesh and all of that will happen

over repetition.

”Injuries occur, mismatches with the offensive line has

happened before, nothing that I haven’t had to deal with. It’s just

more so getting the chemistry and trying to get a feel for how the

guys are going to work together.”

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels noted while the shuffling

of players along the line is necessary because of injuries, the

staff balances such issues by using its best guys, but not

displacing any one.

”That’s always a part of the equation, no question about it,”

McDaniels said. ”I don’t think there’s really any easy way to go

about doing that because no matter what you choose to start the

game with, you’re always one injury away from shuffling more


”We’re going to ask some other guys to do multiple things

because we have to. We’re at that point now where you’re going to

have potentially to play a guard at tackle, potentially play a

center at guard, swing guys left and right. And then if something

does happen in the game, there’s no question there’s going to be

some moving parts and pieces within the four quarters then, too.

They’ve accepted the challenge and the burden that we have. It’s

normal, every team goes through it. We’ve got to deal with it this