Rams GM Les Snead Reacts to Reported Tension with Jeff Fisher

Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead spoke about the reported tension between he and head coach Jeff Fisher.

Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead is denying there are problems between he and head coach Jeff Fisher.

MMQB’s Albert Breer reported that Snead and Fisher have a “toxic” relationship, which wasn’t helped by Fisher’s recent comments in which he said the team needed to “do a better job from a personnel standpoint.”

Breer cited an unnamed source who felt Fisher was taking a shot at the team’s front office with the comment:

“It pissed me off because I knew it was meant as a shot,” said one Rams source. “You see it under that umbrella—‘We need to do a better job in personnel.’ OK, but you want everyone to think that you have full control. You can’t have it both ways, and it can’t always be the talent. Look at the roster, 2012 to now. In ’12, Jeff did a masterful job with what he was given. But we’ve gotten more talent, and we’ve gotten worse.”

Les Snead Reacts to Breer’s Report

The Rams GM says that the rumor isn’t true, per the OC Register’s Jack Wang:

The reported tension between Fisher and Snead has been going on for quite some time now, as Breer reported; although it isn’t clear exactly when the relationship went south.

It’s no surprise that Snead denied the rumors. Admitting to the validity of such a report would only go to further show the utter dysfunction within the organization and embarrass him further.

Whatever the case may be, Fisher and Snead must get on the same page if they are going to improve this lackluster roster that is set to have its fifth-straight losing season under the pair.

Neither man deserves to keep his job, but both have already been extended through the 2018 season.

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