Mark Davis says he’s ‘not celebrating’ Raiders’ move to Vegas

Mark Davis says he’s “not celebrating” the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas as he’d like to do because it’s “bittersweet” to be leaving Oakland again.

“I’m not celebrating anything like I would like to be,” Davis said Tuesday on 95.7 The Game in his first interview since the NFL approved the move. “We are going to be building a world-class stadium in the entertainment capitol of the world. It’s going to be great for Super Bowls and everything else. But I still have a feeling for the fans in the Bay Area. And I’ve met with a number of them. And anything I say to them isn’t going to soothe them, and it makes this whole thing bittersweet.”

While Davis said the fans’ anger and disappointment “should be pointed at me”, he insisted he did everything he could to keep the Raiders in Oakland. Davis said he talked with the A’s about doing a joint deal for two stadiums at the Coliseum site and selling them 20 percent of the Raiders, but they weren’t interested in doing a joint deal there.

“We don’t have a place to build it,” Davis said of his new football-only stadium. “The A’s have a 10-year lease on that (Coliseum) property. We tried to get someone to help us build one with the A’s or build it on our own. But we don’t want to build in the corner of the parking lot. We were never going to do that. We wanted to do something that’s great and is a world-class stadium.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.