Quick fix 2017 NFL Mock Draft

You know what I love? The NFL Draft. You know what I love more? Setting unrealistic expectations for my team based off what I think is the right thing to do in juxtaposition with what the experts like Jon Robinson see as the best way to run the team.

That is why NFL mock drafts are the best marriage of those two things.

Last week, I did this and I really liked the results. It showed what the Tennessee Titans needed to do to better.

It also showed which positions got them beat. Now, I can take a look at what will make them better, not just what lost them a particular game.

So, today I am going to look at which positions the Titans needed to preform better to make a great win, a blowout. Which positions were the biggest issues in a win against the Green Bay Packers?

As always, thanks to Fanspeak for making this much easier thanks to their mock draft simulator.

1st round: Marlon Humphrey CB, Alabama

The Tennessee Titans almost have to go CB with this first pick. Luckily for them, there are several very talented CBs in this draft. Humphrey may end up being my CB1 in this upcoming draft for several reasons, the least of which is that he is a 6’1 CB with speed who plays very well on the outside.

I also love his ability to break on the ball when it is thrown wide. The Titans just don’t have anyone who can do this, and when you insist on playing guys 5+ yards off the ball, not being able to accelerate to it when it is in the air is a killer.

Another reason I will quickly throw out is because he isn’t a handsy CB like most collegiate corners. He plays well in phase and he does a great job contesting catches, something else the Titans don’t really do.

1st round: Derek Barnett EDGE, Tennessee

If Kevin Dodd showed the Titans enough ability to be considered a fit for this team, then Barnett’s fit will be no issue.

While he doesn’t have an exceptional pass rush arsenal he is quick to close on the ball once he beats his blocker and is legitamately drawing attention from two offensive lineman and either a RB or a TE on every big pass play.

Last week he helped his teammate Corey Vereen earn single blocks on every pass rep which ended up in Vereen getting two sacks, and Barnett STILL ended up with a sack himself despite the attention.

3rd round: Jordan Leggett TE, Clemson

The Titans love using two and three tight end sets and I am not sure that their ideal #2 or #3 is on the roster right now. I think they would prefer to move Fasano to TE3 and have someone like Leggett play TE2.

3rd round: Zay Jones WR, Eastern Carolina

The reason I love Corey Davis and his fit with the Tennessee Titans is the same reason I love Zay Jones for the team. Both have above average routes, speed and size, but they both have elite production.

Jones is 17th all time in receiving yards which dwarfs Tajae Sharpe and his 68th all time ranking, and we know how much the Titans love/loved him.

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