Protester hangs from banner at Vikings game (Photo)

In a strange scene at US Bank Stadium, Dakota Pipeline protesters unfolded a banner, while a person wearing a Brett Favre Vikings jersey hung from it.

There may not have been a more frustrating team to root for all season than the Minnesota Vikings. They showed a lot of promise last season, and were it not for a missed field goal, they would’ve beaten the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. But after Teddy Bridgewater went down, this season has been an emotional rollercoaster for Vikings fans.

They went from doom and gloom, to pure joy after their 5-0 start, then went 1-6 after that. Adrian Peterson’s Week 15 return gave them hope, but an ugly loss at home to the Indianapolis Colts proved it was false.

Now in the last week of the season, Skol nation has seen enough. They went from Super Bowl contenders to out of the playoffs in a drastically short time that it has driven their fans up the wall. That’s why, in the middle of a meaningless game against the Chicago Bears, they decided to seek for entertainment elsewhere.

A group of fans protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline started hanging a banner saying “Divest”, and “#NoDAPL”. As if that wasn’t enough, a guy wearing a Vikings Brett Favre jersey started hanging from it:

And we thought we’d seen it all. Of course, the cops weren’t just going to let this slide, which is why they had to break it up:

We haven’t seen politics and sports mix like this since Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem. However, this protest earns far more points for creativity.

Given all of the injuries they suffered, this Vikings season went much better than anyone had expected. Obviously, they still need to make significant changes on offense, which means they’ll be in for a busy offseason. But if Vikings fans can survive a season like this, then they can handle anything.

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