Privacy Policy



Effective as of November 25, 2009.

Fox Sports Interactive Media, LLC (“Fox,” “we,” “us”) is part

of the News America Group, which has adopted a set of Privacy

Principles (the “Principles”) (


applicable to all its U.S.-based companies. Fox has implemented

those Principles in this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”),

which describes how we collect, use and share personally

identifiable information (“PII”) we obtain online and offline from

and about individuals located in the U.S.

Fox’s web site (

and all other related web sites owned or controlled by us

(collectively or individually the “Site”) are general audience web

sites, and we do not knowingly collect PII from children under 13

years of age. All PII collected on the Site is jointly owned by Fox

and Microsoft Online, Inc. (“MSN”).

Our Privacy Policy applies to "Visitors,” which

means that you simply browse the Site, “Subscribers,” which means

that you have subscribed to: (i) receive one or more Fox newsletter

or partner emails; and/or (ii) receive Fox Mobile Alerts from Fox

or its mobile partners; and/or (iii) participate in Fantasy Games

and "Members," which means that you have

registered with Fox. The term “User” refers to a Visitor,

Subscriber or a Member. By using the Site, you signify your

agreement with all the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not

agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use the

Site. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to those web sites that do

not display or link to this Privacy Policy or that have their own

privacy statements.

From time to time Fox may revise this Privacy Policy to

reflect industry initiatives or changes in the law, our PII

collection and use practices or the features of the Site or

technology. If we make revisions that change the way we collect or

use your PII, Fox will post those changes in this Privacy Policy

and the effective date will be noted at the beginning of such

Privacy Policy. Your continued use of the Site after Fox posts a

revised Privacy Policy signifies your acceptance of the revised

Privacy Policy. Therefore, you should review it periodically so

that you are up to date on our most current policies and practices.

If Fox materially changes its practices regarding collection or use

of your PII, your PII will continue to be governed by the Privacy

Policy under which it was collected unless you have been provided

notice of, and have not objected to, the change. In the event the

last e-mail address you provided to us is not valid or is not

capable of delivering the notice to you, Fox’s dispatch of an

e-mail containing the notice to that e-mail address shall

nonetheless constitute effective notice.



General. When Fox collects PII, such as your full name,

email address, physical address and mobile phone number, from you

it is because you are voluntarily submitting PII to us in order to

register as a Member or a Subscriber, or to participate in

activities like creating a personal profile (“Your Profile”),

sweepstakes, contests, games, surveys, forums, in connection with

content or suggestions you submit to us, or because you want us to

furnish you with products, services or information. We may also

obtain PII from reputable third parties or supplement PII that we

have collected directly from our Users with additional PII or

non-PII from reputable third parties.

You may also choose to voluntarily provide or store non-PII

information in Your Profile (as described in Section A.1 (a) below)

or provide or store non-PII information on other public forums

provided on the Site, including but not limited to, text, files,

images, photos, video, musical works, works of authorship, or any

other materials (collectively “Content”) that you choose to post to

the Site (Content posted by any User is “User Content”). If you

choose to make Your Profile or any information from Your Profile

public or provide any User Content on other public forums provided

on the Site, you do so at your sole discretion and risk.

Members can change their Registration Data (as defined below

in Section A(1)(a)) and Your Profile information at any time and

can control how Visitors and Fox communicate with them by

controlling their account settings, available within the “My Hub”

portion of Your Profile.

Fox collects information from you at several different points

on the Site in the manner set forth below:


Member Registration and Profile: In order to access certain

information and services on the Site, you must first become a

Member by completing the Fox registration credentials. During the

registration process you will be required to provide registration

data, which may include PII such as your name and e-mail address

(such information is the “Registration Data”). The Registration

Data will automatically become incorporated into Your Profile;

however, in the Your Profile section of the Site, you have the

option to make such Registration Data (including, but not limited

to, your PII) public or private. You also have the option of adding

certain User Content to Your Profile.

Important Information about Changing and Updating Your

Profile: If Your Profile information changes, you may

correct, update, edit, or remove it. You can edit Your Profile

information by going to the Your Profile page and clicking on the

“My Hub” button.


Newsletters and Fox Mobile Alerts: During the subscription

process you will be required to provide subscriber data, which may

include your e-mail address, zip code and mobile phone number (such

information is the “Subscriber Data”). If you would like to

subscribe or unsubscribe from any Fox newsletter or Fox Mobile

Alerts please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.


Fantasy Games. On the Site you may have the opportunity to

participate in various Fantasy Games, including, without

limitation, Fantasy Live. During the subscription process you will

be required to provide Subscriber Data and, if you choose to

participate in the pay-to-play Fantasy Games you will be required

to provide Personal Financial Information (as defined below in

Section B). If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe from any

Fantasy Game please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

(d). Sweepstakes, Contests and Promotions:On the Site you

may have the opportunity to participate in contests and other

promotions that may require you to provide information about

yourself. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy (See Section E


Use) below) we will not share your contest information with

any third party, except in aggregate form, without your prior

consent. In addition, if and when we sponsor contests or other

promotions, or third parties sponsor such promotions with us;

either we or the third party will post relevant privacy information

in the official rules and/or registration area for the sweepstakes,

contest or promotion. That privacy information, to the extent it

conflicts with this Privacy Policy, will govern that particular

sweepstakes, contest or promotion – please remember to read it



Cookies. Cookies are small bits of information that the Site

places on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies remember

information about your activities on the Site and enable Fox to

make your visits to the Site more enjoyable. For example, cookies

can store your password for easy logon to a Site you have

previously visited, can save your preferences for a personalized

home page. Information about your activities on the Site and other

non-PII about you may also be used to limit the online ads you

encounter to those we believe are consistent with your interests.

Third party advertisements displayed on the Site may also

contain cookies set by Internet advertising companies or

advertisers. Fox does not control these cookies and visitors to the

Site should check the privacy policy of the Internet advertising

company or advertiser to see whether and how it uses cookies. (See

Section C (

Notice) below for more information on third party


Fox may use cookies and similar tools to relate your use of

the Site to PII obtained from you or a reputable third party. For

example, if you have asked us to provide you information about our

upcoming products or promotions, cookie and/or click stream data

about your activities on the Site may allow us to limit the

materials we provide you to items we think you will find

interesting, based on your prior online activities and preferences.

However, if Fox wishes to combine your PII and cookie or click

stream information in this manner, we will obtain your express

affirmative consent.

You can program your computer to warn you each time a cookie

is being set or to refuse cookies completely. However, without

cookies you may not have access to certain features on the Site, or


A pixel tag is a tiny image inserted in a webpage and used to

record the number and types of views for that page. Fox may allow

third party pixel tags to be present on the Site for purposes of

advertising, providing services or data and statistics collection.

We also may use pixel tags in order to recognize Users and assess

traffic patterns, and we may include pixel tags and cookies in our

e-mail messages, including newsletters, in order to count how many

e-mail messages have been opened. 


Message Boards and Public Forums: The public forums and

similar features offered on the Site are for public and not private

communications, and you have no expectation of privacy with regard

to any PII or other information posted, submitted or distributed on

or through a public forum. Fox cannot guarantee the security of any

information you disclose through any of the public forums available

on the Site, and you make such disclosures at your own risk.

B. Collection of Personal Financial Information on the Site by

an independent Third Party company

Fox may use an independent third party company to process

financial transactions on the Site. When an independent third party

company selected by Fox collects, transmits and/or processes your

personal financial information, such as your credit card

information or other payment information (collectively, “Personal

Financial Information”), on the Site it is because you are

submitting such Personal Financial Information in order to: (i)

purchase a subscription to a Fantasy Game; (ii) purchase products

through a Fox Sport shop; or (iii) purchase any additional services

or products offered from time to time by Fox. At the time of your

purchase, Fox will notify you of the identity of any third party

that is collecting, transmitting and/or processing your Personal

Financial Information. You must be 13 years of age or older to

submit Personal Financial Information on the Site, including to

place an order on the Site.

You acknowledge that Fox in no manner processes, stores or

transmits your Personal Financial Information and accordingly,

please review the privacy policy of the independent third party

which governs the use of your Personal Financial Information. You

acknowledge and agree that this Privacy Policy will not apply to

any Personal Financial Information that you provide to any

independent third party company on the Site and that all payment

obligations related to such purchase shall be governed solely by

the applicable independent third party company’s privacy policy.

You further acknowledge and agree that Fox will have no liability

for or control over such independent third party company’s use or

protection of your Personal Financial Information. You should check

the privacy policy of the independent third party company’s website

to determine how it will handle any Personal Financial Information

it collects from you and/or processes.

You acknowledge and agree that in the event that such

independent third party company experiences a data breach that

compromises or otherwise affects your Personal Financial

Information, Fox shall in no way be responsible or liable to you

for such breach. You should contact the applicable independent

third party company regarding any such data breach.



When you voluntarily provide PII to Fox, we will make sure

you are informed about who is collecting the information, how and

why the information is being collected and the types of uses Fox

will make of the information.

At the time you provide your PII, Fox will notify you of your

options regarding our use of your PII, including whether we will

share it with outside companies (See Section D (

Choice) below). This Privacy Policy describes the types of

other companies that may want to send you information about their

products and services and therefore may want to share your PII,

provided you have given Fox permission to do so (See Section E (

Use) below).

Sometimes we collect PII from consumers in an off-line or

manual format, such as by mobile phone. Providing detailed notice

in those situations often proves impractical, so consumers will

instead be provided with a short notice that describes how to

obtain the full text of this Privacy Policy and other relevant

information from us.

The Site may be linked to Internet web sites operated by

other companies. Some of these third party web sites may be

co-branded with a Fox logo, even though they are not operated or

maintained by Fox (for example, the co-sponsored chat pages,

advertising sponsor pages or product purchase pages). The Site also

carries advertisements from other companies. Fox is not responsible

for the privacy practices of web sites operated by third parties

that are linked to the Site or for the privacy practices of third

party or national Internet advertising companies or for third party

payment processing companies selected by Fox. Once you leave a Fox

Site via such a link or by clicking on an advertisement, Fox’s

Privacy Policy no longer applies and you should check the

applicable privacy policy of the third party or advertiser web site

to determine how they will handle any PII they collect from you.

The Site may also be linked to web sites operated by

companies affiliated with Fox (i.e., that are part of the News

America Group). Although all News America Group entities adhere to

the group’s Privacy Principles (


visitors to those affiliated web sites should still refer to their

separate privacy policies and practices, which may differ in some

respects from this Privacy Policy.

Some of the advertisements that appear on Fox’s Site are

delivered to you by national Internet advertising companies (such

as Doubleclick) and/or by third party video player providers. These

companies utilize certain technologies to deliver advertisements

and marketing messages and to collect anonymous information about

your visit to the Site, including information about the banner ads

they display, any cookie they place on your computer and your IP

address. To opt out of information collection by these companies,

or to obtain information about the technologies they use or their

own privacy policies, please visit:






Fox will not use the PII you provide to us for purposes

different from the purpose for which it was submitted unless

otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy (See Section E (

Use) below). Fox will not share your PII with third parties

that are not affiliated with Fox (i.e., not part of the News

America Group), unless we obtain your permission or as otherwise

provided in this Privacy Policy (See Section E (

Use) below).


Fox will use your PII provided under this Privacy Policy in a

manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy. If Fox obtains

PII from a third party, such as a business partner, our use of that

PII is governed by this Privacy Policy.

Unless a User has opted out of receiving such e-mails during

the registration process, Fox may occasionally send Users who

provide us with their e-mail addresses information about special

offers, Site updates, contests and other offerings via e-mail. We

may also send information about products and offerings of our

partners or other News America Group companies that we think may be

of interest to our Members and Subscribers. To opt out of receiving

these partner e-mails from us please visit:

Fox may share your PII with companies that are affiliated

with us, that is, are part of the News America Group of companies.

Provided you have given us permission, Fox may also share your PII

with advertisers and business partners that are not affiliated with

Fox, but would like to send you information about their products

and services. For example, Fox may share your PII with the

companies who supply prizes for Fox’s contests and may have special

offers or promotions that might be of interest to Fox users.

However, you will always have the opportunity to instruct us not to

share your information with third parties when PII is


Fox will also share your PII collected on the Site with MSN.

MSN’s use of your PII is governed by MSN’s privacy policy. You

should check the Microsoft privacy policy to determine how it will

handle any PII collected from you.

Fox employees, agents and contractors must have a legitimate

business reason to obtain access to your PII. Fox may share your

PII with outside contractors or agents who help us manage our

information activities but they may only use your PII to provide

Fox with a specific service and not for any other purpose. For

example, if you subscribe to Fox Mobile Alerts, your mobile number

will be shared with our mobile alerts service provider and your

mobile carrier; and if you enter a sweepstakes on the Site your PII

may be shared with our sweepstakes administrators.

Fox may also enter into agreements with outside companies

that possess the technology that allows Fox to customize the

advertising and marketing messages you receive on the Site. Your

non-PII and click stream data about your activities on the Site may

be shared with these companies so this customization may be

accomplished. We require that these companies do not share your

information with any third party or use it for any other purpose.

Anonymous click stream and demographic information may also be

shared with Fox’s advertisers and business partners.

There may be instances when Fox may disclose PII without

providing you with a choice in order to protect the legal rights of

Fox, other companies within the News America Group or their

employees, agents and contractors; to protect the safety and

security of visitors to the Site; to protect against fraud or for

risk management purposes; or to comply with the law or legal

process. In addition, if Fox sells all or part of its business or

makes a sale or transfer of assets or is otherwise involved in a

merger or business transfer, Fox may transfer your PII to a third

party as part of that transaction.


Fox uses reasonable administrative, technical, personnel and

physical measures to safeguard PII in its possession against loss,

theft and unauthorized use, disclosure or modification. In

addition, Fox uses reasonable methods to make sure that PII is

accurate, up-to-date and appropriately complete. However, no

security system is impenetrable. Fox cannot warrant or guarantee

the security of its servers, nor can it guarantee that information

that you supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted to

Fox over the Internet.



Whenever possible, Members and Subscribers may review the PII

we maintain about them in our records. We will take reasonable

steps to correct any PII a Member or Subscriber informs us of in

writing is incorrect. If you are a Member, you can view, change and

remove your PII, Member preferences and Your Profile information by

logging into your account and accessing “Edit Profile” under the

“My Hub” header. Section A(1)(b) above describes how to change your

subscriptions preferences.

If for any reason you want Fox to stop using your PII, Fox

will honor that request; however, Fox will retain any record of

your PII that is necessary to comply with applicable federal, state

or local law. Keep in mind, moreover, that there will be residual

information that will remain within Fox’s databases, access logs,

and other records, which may or may not contain such PII. Even

after removal of PII and User Content by you or Fox, PII and User

Content may still be viewable in cached and archived pages or if

another User has stored your User Content.

If you would like to communicate with us about this Privacy

Policy or Fox’s collection or use of your PII, or request Fox

delete your PII, please contact Fox at:

Via E-mail:


Via Mail: Internet Privacy Officer

Fox Cable Network Services, LLC

Business & Legal Affairs

P.O. Box 900

Beverly Hills, California 90213-0900



If you have questions or concerns regarding privacy, your use

of the Fox Site, or the collection and use of PII, you may contact

the following Fox representative:

Fox Internet Privacy Officer

Business & Legal Affairs

Fox Cable Network Services, LLC

P.O. Box 900

Beverly Hills, California 90213-0900

Telephone: (310) 369-1350