Pressure Increasing on Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are doing a terrible disservice to Jared Goff and they don’t even seem to realize it.

While the Rams are seemingly trying to protect Jared Goff, they are actually doing the opposite. Understandably it doesn’t make sense to play a guy who isn’t ready—especially a quarterback—but when it’s the No. 1 pick in the draft, the perception is different.

The Rams mortgaged their future in order to move up to No. 1 in order to take the former Cal Bear signal-caller. Coming from Sonny Dykes’ Bear-Raid offense, it was understood that Goff would need time to develop. To date, no quarterback has sustained success in the NFL when coming from this type of college system.

The Rams seemed to think that they could change this.  They insist that Goff just needs time, that when he is ready, he will play. The question is, why would you take a player at No. 1 overall if you thought it would take him this long to develop? Are they truly worried he’s not ready? Are they worried he will lose confidence by taking a beating behind a horrendous offensive line? What are they waiting for?

With each passing day, the Rams organization and Jeff Fisher are putting immense pressure on their young QB. Do the Rams not realize that they are doing this to Goff?

Other rookie quarterbacks have been extremely successful.

The continued development of Dak Prescott and other rookie quarterbacks make their decision look even more clueless. Carson Wentz has started every game for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jacoby Brissett has started for the New England Patriots, Paxton Lynch has started for the Denver Broncos and yet Goff hasn’t even taken a snap. Even USC’s Cody Kessler has looked decent for the Cleveland Browns.

Five rookie quarterbacks taken after Goff have started and played well, yet the No. 1 pick can’t get on the field. With each passing week the pressure is increasing on Goff.  When he finally takes the field, the Rams better hope he plays extremely well. If not, it will seem like they have made a colossal mistake. A mistake that could potentially set the team back years.

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