Report: Blogger pulls pic of Brady’s son

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office sent detectives to the home of a sports blogger to ask him to remove from his website a nude picture of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s young son, the Smoking Gun reported Tuesday.

The pictures of Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen and their 20-month-old son were snapped by paparazzi on a Costa Rica beach, and showed up on several entertainment websites.

But 34-year-old David Portnoy sparked the uproar last week by posting on his blog, Bar Stool Sports, the nude photo of Brady’s son accompanied by lewd comments.

Portnoy complied with state attorney general Martha Coakley’s request and deleted the posting, though he maintained he did not consider the photos to be sexual in nature.

Portnoy said in an interview with Howard Stern Tuesday that the detectives who showed up at his Milton, Mass., home said authorities were receiving a lot of complaints, but did not tell him he had broken any laws.

Coakley’s office said "no further action" will be taken against Portnoy. Authorities did not say whether any of the complaints came from anyone in the Patriots organization or the NFL.