Plaxico terse when asked about Jets

Plaxico Burress’ time with the Jets appears over after comments by the wide receiver that made it sound like he wants to forget his time in green and white.

The most telling short answer came when Burress was asked what he thought of Mark Sanchez as a quarterback.

"Mark Sanchez is Mark Sanchez," Burress told the New York Post after an autograph show Wednesday night in Indianapolis.

When he was asked what he thought of the criticism heaped on Sanchez since the Jets season ended, Burress did not stick up for the third-year quarterback.

Instead, he said, "I haven’t entertained any of it."

Burress was expansive and happy when talking about many of his former Giants teammates appearing in the Super Bowl and his memories of Super Bowl XLII in 2008, where he caught the game-winning touchdown.

Whenever the topic turned to the Jets, his answers were succinct and the smile vanished from his face.

Asked if he was happy with how his year with the Jets went, he said, "It went as it went."

Asked if he thought the Jets used him to the best of his capabilities, he said, "They used me the way they wanted to use me."

Burress caught 45 passes for 612 yards, both full-season career-lows, and eight touchdowns this season for the Jets after signing a one-year, $3 million deal. He never developed a chemistry with Sanchez and his production faded as the year went on.

Burress, a free agent, said he does not know where he will end up playing next season. It is unlikely the Jets want the 35-year-old back, since they need to get younger at wide receiver.

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, who is good friends with Burress, said Tuesday that Burress wished he re-signed with the Giants instead of the Jets.

But Burress said he does not regret picking the Jets after serving a nearly two-year prison term for carrying an illegal gun in New York City during an incident in which he accidentally shot himself in the leg.

"I don’t second guess myself at all with any decisions I’ve made," he said. "It’s life and you can’t predict what’s going to happen in life. You make decisions based on certain things and you run with it."