Pity the New York Jets: Reid latest with swipe

The New York Jets and their quarterback controversy have turned

into Washington’s political football.

In August, President Barack Obama questioned the Jets’ decision

to acquire Tim Tebow when they had quarterback Mark Sanchez, who

had led the team to the playoffs two years in a row. Then this

week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took a swipe at Republicans

in the midst of tough fiscal cliff negotiations, arguing that they

lack a leader and comparing them to the Jets with their quarterback


The Jets have three quarterbacks – Sanchez, Tebow and Greg

McElroy. McElroy replaced Sanchez last Sunday and led the team to

its only touchdown in a 7-6 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

”It’s not one of my favorite teams, but it’s really fun to

watch, and that’s the New York Jets,” the Nevada Democrat said in

remarks on the Senate floor Thursday. ”Coach (Rex) Ryan, he’s got

a problem. He has three quarterbacks – Sanchez. He’s got Tim Tebow.

He’s got a guy named McElroy. He can’t decide who their quarterback

is going to be. That’s the same problem the Republicans have. Who

is their quarterback?”

After benching Sanchez for McElroy last Sunday, Ryan has decided

to start Sanchez this weekend in the Jets’ game at