Sheriff: No proof of misconduct by Steelers security chief

PITTSBURGH — The Allegheny County Sheriff says there is no proof of misconduct by a deputy who moonlights as the chief of security for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sheriff William Mullen called Lieutenant Jack Kearney a ”model employee” in the wake of an ESPN report that labeled Kearney a ”cleaner” who has helped several Steeler players who ran into legal trouble.

Kearney, who leads the fugitive squad, has worked with the Steelers since 2001. Mullen says there has only been one complaint against Kearney in that time, when a federal marshal claimed Kearney overstepped his boundaries while marshals attempted to track down a member of the team’s practice squad who was wanted for questioning in a prostitution ring.

The team says it is not aware of any conflict of interest between Kearney’s job with the sheriff’s office and his role with the Steelers.