Seahawks’ Sherman puts tongue in cheek after game vs. Steelers’ Brown

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman held Antonio Brown to just three catches and 24 yards when matched up one-on-one.
Scott Olmos/Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman apparently does not agree with running back Le’Veon Bell’s assessment that his Steelers teammate Antonio Brown is impossible to cover.

Brown had six catches for 51 yards in Sunday’s loss in Seattle, but was limited to just three catches and 24 yards when manned up against Sherman. While Brown was struggling to get open, Bell tweeted his analysis of the one-on-one battle between the two All-Pros.

Sherman is considered one of the best cornerbacks in the league, but many football experts on social media predicted that he would have his hands full with the 5-foot-10 Brown, if he was lined up against him.

“I don’t guard small receivers well, so I don’t know what I did ’cause that’s not what I do well,” Sherman said with his tongue planted firmly in cheek per the PittsburghTribune-Review. "That’s my biggest weakness, so I don’t know what I did. Just went out there."

Sherman has built a reputation as a lockdown corner without having to guard the opposing team’s best receiver, instead staying on the left side of the field. Seattle has changed that strategy the past few weeks, and Sherman shadowed Brown most of the day, hoping to prove the armchair quarterbacks out there wrong, at least for one day. He also recorded his first interception on a deep ball intended for Brown, who fell down on the play (with possibly a little help from Sherman) as the two jockeyed for position. 

“You hear idiots say a lot of stuff. People can't play. They don't play the game. They don't have talent, so they can sit there and say everything from a couch, from an armchair. We all know what's good. We all know what it is as players. There's tremendous respect amongst the guys on the field. Their team had a great respect for me, and we had a great respect for their receiving corps.

“You see people who've never played the game, who've never coached the game, who've never even stepped foot on the field talk about how you're not good against smaller receivers. You can't call that. You don't have enough knowledge. You don't have enough intimate details. You don't even know the game.”

While all the attention was on the Brown vs. Sherman matchup, Markus Wheaton carved up the rest of the Seahawks secondary for 201 yards on nine receptions while Martavis Bryant was also held in check with five catches and 69 yards.



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