Skip Bayless: Le’Veon Bell ‘doesn’t have the guts’ to come on ‘Undisputed’

The war of words between Le’Veon Bell and FS1’s Skip Bayless continued on Thursday, as the Pittsburgh Steelers running back dropped yet another diss track aimed at the Undisputed star.

Yet as Skip was quick to point out, there’s one little problem with Bell’s message: he’s not delivering it in person.

First, some history. Skip challenged Bell to come on Undisputed when the show first debuted back in September, after Bell recorded his first Bayless-related diss over the summer. Earlier this week, Bell took another shot with a track titled “Shrimp Bayless,” and Skip responded, calling Bell a fine rapper who was outplayed by Ezekiel Elliott this season.

Finally, following yet another diss track, Skip called out Bell once again on Thursday’s show, contrasting the Steelers RB’s choice with teammate Antonio Brown’s appearance on Undisputed.

SKIP: I can’t express how much I admired Antonio for coming right out there and taking [Shannon Sharpe]’s challenge right away: explain yourself. And he had the guts to do that. And Michael Bennett had a bone to pick, and boy he picked it right away. 

Apparently, Le’Veon doesn’t have the guts to come and do what those two did.

And yet, I stand by what I said, and he continues to misinterpret what I said. And I am a Cowboys fan, we know that. But to me, Ezekiel Elliott — he led the league in rushing, and he went into Le’Veon’s house in Pittsburgh, and he won the day. From 32 yards, he closed the deal. And he outplayed him both running and catching that day.

And I never said that Le’Veon was a bad back. I’ve often told you he might be the second-best, though it’s arguable between him and David Johnson, because they’re neck and neck to me as the second-best back in football. And then the other thing he misses: back on the old show, in the last block that was 45 seconds, I just said, “Le’Veon, it’s beneath your dignity to be firing back at the Cincinnati Bengals that you’re going to play twice next year.” You’re the Pittsburgh Steelers! Don’t fire back at them in the offseason, just go beat their butts. And they did! They beat them twice.

That’s all I said about Le’Veon, and I would love to explain that to him, if he would come here.

And Shannon agreed:

So maybe Brown can help make something happen. Either way, we’re all waiting, Le’Veon.