Jeff Reed blames FG miss on sod

The Pittsburgh Steelers are considering cutting kicker Jeff Reed

after he missed his seventh field goal of the season in Sunday’s

39-26 loss to the New England Patriots and later blamed the turf,

ESPN reported.

The team is due to bring in kickers for workouts on Tuesday,

according to ESPN sources.

Reed, in his ninth year with the Steelers, has made 15 of 22

field goal attempts for a success rate of 68 percent — the lowest

of his career and the second worst in the NFL this season.

He only missed four attempts all last season, four in 2008 and

three in 2007.

“I’m not one to make excuses. I’ll take the credit for the miss.

It was a great snap, a great hold, great protection,” Reed

said of his latest miss, a 26-yarder against New England.

“[But] it’s kind of hard when you plant your foot and a

piece of ground moves where the ball’s under the holder. I almost

missed the ball completely.

“I’m not going to make excuses. If you’ve played any kind of

sports in your life, you realize that what we play on is not very

good turf.”

Reed also took a shot at the press.

“You’ve got to be thick-skinned, but it doesn’t help

when everything you read or hear on the radio is negative,”

Reed said. ”That comes from you guys [in the


“Instead of it being about a 53-yarder I made last week

going into halftime, it was the 46-yarder I missed that could have

so-called clinched the game. That’s sports writers and guys

on the radio. That’s negativity.

“If you’re not perfect in this city, man, then you’re

going to hear about it,” he added.