Philadelphia Eagles to show their true colors against Minnesota Vikings

Philadelphia Eagles to show their true colors against Minnesota.

The Philadelphia Eagles are unproven. After the beatdown they put on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 3, many were giving the Eagles the early lead in the NFC East race. However, as time would tell, the Eagles still have a lot of improvements to make and Sunday’s game against the unbeaten Minnesota Vikings will be a true test of where the Eagles truly stand.

During the first three weeks of the season, the Eagles were performing at a level far above what was initially expected of them going into the season. The defense was stout, the offense was surgical and the special teams unit continued to impress. But that all stopped after the Eagles’ early Week 4 bye.

Over the last two weeks, the Eagles have played their worst football all season. A costly Ryan Mathews turnover plagued the Eagles against the Detroit Lions in Week 5 and the offensive line’s inability to protect Carson Wentz against the Washington Redskins made a win impossible in Week 6.

Against a team like the Vikings, none of that will fly.

The Eagles will have to put on their best performance against Minnesota to come out victorious. If they succeed, then this team could very well be the playoff team many were expecting after the first three weeks of the season. If they fall, however, a strong start could lead to a painful collapse in the race for the NFC East crown.

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