QB coach: Tebow ‘remarkably better’ since playing with Patriots

Tim Tebow’s workout with the Philadelphia Eagles raised eyebrows across the NFL on Monday.

Since he was released by the New England Patriots in September 2013, no team has granted the former Heisman Trophy winner such an opportunity.

The Eagles, however, will not sign Tebow at this time, FOX Sports 1 NFL insider Mike Garafolo confirmed. Since Tebow’s release, he has been training in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California with private quarterbacks coach Tom House.

House’s partner Adam Dedeaux is the motion mechanics instructor at 3DQB in Los Angeles and worked with Tebow last weekend in Jacksonville to prepare him for the workout.

"Tim has always been super dynamic," Dedeaux told FOXSports.com by phone Monday evening. "From a throwing standpoint, we were working on his release time, spinning the ball and accuracy. We work on all of that and getting the ball out faster.

"From the moment we started working with him until now, his ability to get the ball out quickly has dramatically improved. His ability to spin the ball and to be accurate is better. He also understands when he misfires — he can be able to answer the question why and make the adjustment."

Tebow, a 2010 first-round pick, was 7-4 as a starter in 2011 but was forced out of Denver after completing only 47.3 percent of his passes in two seasons there. Once the Broncos signed quarterback Peyton Manning, they shipped Tebow to the New York Jets for a package of late-round draft picks. He hasn’t played in a regular-season game since throwing just eight passes in 2012.

"Since we started working with him he has gotten better," Dedeaux said. "I know the knocks that were on him before. He’s a guy that has already won in the NFL, and now he’s better than he was then. He’s a better passer. I just want to see him be able to go out there and showcase it."

The thought of Tebow –€“ a master of the read option in college — playing for likeminded Eagles coach Chip Kelly is certainly intriguing. Kelly’s imaginative ways to get the ball in open space could play to Tebow’s strengths as a passer and runner.

The 27-year-old Tebow, though, didn’t play last season while he was a host for the SEC Network. During that time, he kept training in hopes of getting another NFL opportunity.

"He has worked his tail off," Dedeaux said. "There’s no doubt in my mind he has gotten remarkably better. The biggest thing now is to see if he can take it over. He has definitely put in the time."