McCoy is disappointed with Cooper

Wonder what Eagles players think about Riley Cooper’s

racial slur? Many have come out and publicly supported the wide

receiver, but there’s still a measure of hurt there.

Count LeSean McCoy as one of those who is stinging (



target="blank">thanks to The running back told

Albert Breer of that he forgives Cooper, but it hurts

because he’s “losing a friend.”

He also said “I can’t respect a guy like

that.” There was also this:


Other teammates have also voiced their opinions:


Head coach Chip Kelly said that he was “appalled” at

Cooper’s comments, but also said that the receiver was never

in danger of being released from the team.

Among Cooper’s most vocal supporters is QB Michael Vick

who said:

“What if your son or daughter made a mistake of this

fashion, how would you want people to proceed? I’ve been

there before. It’s a very delicate situation that we all

understand. Somehow we’ve all got to find a way to get past


Hopefully, this will blow over at some point and that it

doesn’t divide the team.