Jordan Matthews confident in Nick Foles as Eagles’ franchise QB

The Eagles selected Jordan Matthews No. 42 overall in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

To operate Chip Kelly’s offense, the quarterback must possess a wide range of skills. None, however, is more important than accuracy and a quick delivery.

Some have labeled Kelly’s offense "quarterback proof", meaning any marginal player can come in and run the plays.

With Mark Sanchez set to test free agency, Nick Foles appears to be the man moving forward. Unless, Kelly pulls off an unexpected offseason transaction.

Some have speculated that Kelly may authorize an unlikely draft-day trade to select his former quarterback Marcus Mariota. It’s very unlikely though as trading into the top-5, where Mariota is projected, would be debilitating for a franchise that values selecting and developing talent via the draft.   

For everything that has been made about the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback position, one of the offense’s brightest young stars — wide receiver Jordan Matthews –€“ trusts the current arms on the roster.

"I have plenty of confidence in [Nick]," Matthews told in a telephone interview on Friday. "I think everyone has seen the type of production he can have. Before he got hurt he was 6-2. It goes without saying what he did his first year when he got the opportunity to play a whole season. I believe he’s a great quarterback and our franchise quarterback."

Foles, of course, sustained a broken clavicle which ended his season prematurely. The Eagles went on to finish 10-6, but missed the postseason.

For Matthews, he posted eye-popping numbers (67 receptions, 872 yards and 8 touchdowns) for his first year. Matthews, who was appearing for a Panini Trading Cards event at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, won’t be resting on his production this offseason, though.

"I’m definitely not where I want to be as a player yet at all," Matthews said. "Looking back at this year I think that this will be the worst year I’ll ever have in the NFL. From now on I have to continue to get better.

"I want to improve in every area. There’s one thing in every part of game that I need to fix. It’s little things even going back to my stance. I’m really trying to redefine my whole game and get myself to an elite receiver. I don’t want to be just a good receiver, I want to be elite. I want other teams to have to game plan for me or I’m going to kill them. That’s where I’m trying to get to next year and beyond."

With a pivotal offseason in Philadelphia looming, the Eagles can hang their hat on knowing they have a dependable receiver for whoever lines up under center.