Philadelphia Eagles: Don’t take NFL mock drafts too seriously

Mock drafts are going to start popping up all over the place, but let’s not take them too seriously.

There are three games remaining in the NFL season. We have the NFC Championship Game, the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl. Once that’s done, we’ll all be waiting for quite some time until the games count again. Don’t expect that to affect the popularity of this country’s most popular professional sport. The Senior Bowl is this weekend. The NFL Combine is around the corner, and mock drafts will be popping up all over the place from now until the real NFL Draft takes place in April.

While they’re extremely entertaining, mock drafts are taken way too seriously by fans. First of all, it’s January, and so much will change between now and April. Honestly, there’s a been a ton of changes in the last month. Mock drafts can give you an idea of what the experts are thinking and what teams are saying, but ultimately, with fans creating mock drafts and so many popping up on a daily basis, we can’t expect them to be overly accurate.

Let’s look at two that were released in the last day or so. Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN and Daniel Jeremiah, an analyst for the NFL Network and a writer at, are two of the most trusted voices when it comes to this kind of thing. Mel Kiper Jr., in his first mock of the year, predicts that the Philadelphia Eagles will select Quincy Wilson of the Florida Gators. Jeremiah goes with Mike Williams of the Clemson Tigers.

That alone shows you how much these things can differentiate.

The Eagles hold the 14th pick in this year’s draft, a pick that comes courtesy of a trade that sent former quarterback Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings.

Both are right in their analysis of the Eagles’ team needs. Philadelphia must address their skill positions and their lack of consistency at the cornerback position. Many even see this team taking a wide receiver and cornerback with their first two picks, so we agree with both about the direction the Eagles may take. We’re just not sure about who Philadelphia will be taking with those picks. The Eagles don’t even know who they’re taking with those picks.

Will it be Corey Davis of the Western Michigan Broncos? Is it even possible that Mike Williams would be available by the time the Eagles are ready to pick at number 14? There’s only one thing that’s certain for sure. So much will change between now and April. Yes, mock drafts are a lot of fun, but let’s just take them for what they are, entertainment.

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