Peyton Manning told his agent ‘I really like to play’

Could Peyton Manning return for one more season in 2016?
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

By Grey Papke

Peyton Manning’s agent Tom Condon says that Manning hasn’t given him a decision on his future yet, but the Broncos quarterback may have dropped a rather intriguing hint.

Condon spoke to Sirius XM NFL Radio on Monday and, as the agent, he’s one of the few who may have spoken to Manning about his impending decision. However, don’t ask him if he has any inkling on which way Manning is leaning, because he doesn’t know.

“Basically, I don’t ask him,” Condon said, via John Breech of Eye on Football. “I know that he’s going to tell me when he’s made a decision.”

Condon did offer one hint into Manning’s thinking, though.

“The closest he’s got to disclosing any of his intentions was that he said he just wanted to take his time and make sure and he said ‘I really like to play,'” Condon added.

That’s an interesting wrinkle, because those aren’t the words of someone who wants to be done with football. Most observers believe that Manning will probably retire, but perhaps Manning thinks differently. At least one teammate doesn’t think he will retire. That said, it’s been reported that the Broncos don’t even want him back under any circumstances, and it’s hard to say if Manning would want to get started with another organization at this juncture in his career.

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