Sneak peek at new Manning bros. ad

Say what you will about Peyton and Eli Manning. Call them

boring, call them mechanical, call them dopey, call them dull. Call

them whatever you want. But the guys know how to sell a


The quarterbacks are among the most popular pitchmen in sports,

and their commercials, filmed both together and separately, have

become some of the most talked-about spots on TV.

There’s always an audience waiting to see what the

Mannings will do next, and after a wildly successful DirecTV ad


target="_blank">depicting them as “Football Cops” last year,

it seems they’re following it up with an upcoming commercial

in which they play… well… I’m not actually sure what

they’re supposed to be:

Whenever the new ad is released — surely in time to sell fans

on this season’s NFL Sunday Ticket package — it will

undoubtedly be a hit. And in honor of the next in a long line of

awesome Manning brothers commercials, let’s take a look back

at our favorites to date.

Peyton plays Peyton’s biggest fan in this ad:

Peyton’s “Gift Finder” ad for MasterCard:

And another classic MasterCard spot:

OK, so maybe Peyton owes a little bit to the advertising folks

at MasterCard, but he still delivers the lines to perfection:

“Flick the booger.”

“Cut that meat!”

Action figure Peyton plays football with kids in this one:

But really, his best ad was probably a fake one filmed for


Many of Eli’s best ads have come alongside Deion Sanders

for DirecTV.

This one took place with a winged Eli having trouble in the toy


In the man cave:

“It is ON!”

Eli is “adorable” in this Toyota ad:

In this one, he can throw, but he can’t catch:

Eli Manning: Cat Whisperer:

Deion and Eli as pranksters:

And Eli wasn’t so bad in a faux ad on SNL, himself:

But the Mannings might be best when they’re together.

Here’s that Football Cop ad we were telling you about


Peyton and Eli together in a series of Oreo’s commercials:

In DSRL game action:

Preparing to face each other on Sunday Night Football:

And brothers being brothers:

So which Manning do

you think is the better pitchman? Or are they better as a