Someone get Peyton Manning a backfield blocker in shotgun

Peyton Manning needs blocking help when the Broncos trot out their shotgun formation -- or else.
Ron Chenoy/Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos incorporated more shotgun looks to help Peyton Manning in recent weeks.

But lining up in empty set looks won't help No. 18 at all, according to the numbers.

Manning set up in shotgun without a backfield blocker four times against the Minnesota Vikings this weekend, per statistics compiled by ESPN's Jeff Legwold. He threw one touchdown to a motioned-out C.J. Anderson, but was sacked twice and picked off once in empty sets. 

In fact, Manning is far more turnover-prone without back or tight end help. He's thrown two picks over the last three games in the formation — in only 11 empty set snaps.

Most defenses check to an automatic blitz when they see a passer without backfield help. That could be even more automatic against a 39-year-old veteran with limited mobility.

(h/t ESPN)

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