The Peter Schrager Podcast: Episode 8

Be sure to buckle in as Chris “Mad Dog” Russo hits the ground running on The Peter Schrager Podcast. He tackles all NFL Week 8 topics, including if the Kansas City Chiefs are for real.

Russo, the voice for New York sports radio, believes the Chiefs are a solid contender but it will be crucial for them to win the division so they can host a postseason game.

Schrager was also accompanied by Sports Illustrated NFL writer Jim Trotter, who weighed in on a bevy of topics. Before Trotter took his current role, he covered the San Diego Chargers. Trotter discusses his experience covering Junior Seau, Ryan Leaf and Drew Brees.

He also digs into the column he wrote last summer on the Raiders, which resulted in the PR director being let go. Trotter notes that Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie didn’t want Terrelle Pryor to be the team’s starting quarterback going into this season, but the team’s hand was forced for obvious reasons.