Pereira’s calls: Replay official biffs one in Philadelphia

This Nate Allen interception should have been reviewed.

Elsa/Getty Images

There was no defending the replay official on a defensive play early in the Arizona-Philadelphia game

Here was the situation: Arizona had the ball, first-and-10 at the Philadelphia 39-yard line with 9:31 left in the first quarter. Philadelphia led 7-0. Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer attempted a pass that was intended for Michael Floyd that was intercepted by Nate Allen. Allen went to the ground after making the interception and then got up and returned the ball 43 yards to the Philadelphia 48-yard line. 

This is the type of mistake that can’t happen. The replay official had to stop this play and take a look at it. 

The rule is, that if the defender controls the ball and then is touched after getting control, he is down by contact after going to the ground. 

That was the case here. This was a 45-yard mistake that replay should have been involved in. I can understand why it wasn’t called on the field, but in fact, that’s why there is replay and the replay official had to do his job and clearly didn’t here.