Pereira’s calls: Bravo for a job well done on this TD grab

Alshon Jeffery had himself some game in Minnesota, including what could be the catch of the year.

The Chicago wide receiver had more than 230 yards receiving and two touchdowns through three quarters against the Vikings and finished with 249 yards. But the catch I’m talking about didn’t come without some controversy.

Here was the situation: Chicago had the ball, third-and-14 at the Minnesota 46-yard line with 5:25 left in the third quarter. Chicago led 13-10. Bears quarterback Josh McCown threw a long pass, which Jeffery made an acrobatic catch on at the 2-yard line and fell into the end zone for a touchdown with Minnesota defender Chris Cook draped all over him.

It was an incredible catch and great call by side judge Laird Hayes. Jeffery got control of the ball at the 2-yard line, came down with his left foot in bounds, then his right foot to complete the second part of the catch. Then in going to the ground, he maintained control of the ball, even as Cook tried to pry it out of his hands.

Great catch. Great call

Then fireworks. Cook thought the pass should have been called incomplete and ended up shoving the official in the chest and was ejected.

It wasn’t an automatic ejection, it’s up to the discretion of the official to make that decision. Hayes ejected him and that stood up. But make no mistake, this was an intentional shove by Cook.