2 QBs – Pennington, Henne – hurt for Dolphins

Chad Henne’s knee hurt, and he felt badly for Chad Pennington,


Injuries sidelined the Miami Dolphins’ top two quarterbacks

Sunday. Pennington’s season debut lasted only two plays before he

departed with another injury to his troublesome right shoulder, and

Henne hurt his left knee in the third quarter.

Tyler Thigpen finished the Dolphins’ 29-17 victory over

Tennessee, and he may be the starter by default Thursday against


The 34-year-old Pennington has undergone shoulder surgery three

times, most recently last year after he was injured in Game 3. He

hadn’t played since, and now the Dolphins wonder if he’ll be able

to play again.

”For him to have another shoulder problem, it’s tough,” Henne

said. ”I’m sure he’s going to have some decisions to make when he

finds out what’s going on.

”We’re stuck with this situation. We’ll see what happens.”

Henne hurt his left knee when hit by 305-pound defensive tackle

Tony Brown as he threw an incompletion. He walked off the field and

was scheduled to undergo an MRI exam.

”It doesn’t feel good,” Henne said. ”But if I can stand it,

if I can run on it, I’m going to play. We’ll see what happens. I’m

not going to be one to baby my knee. If I can be out there, I’ll be

out there.”