Paul Kruger told police Manziel should not be with Crowley

Browns linebacker Paul Kruger witnessed the traffic stop of Johnny Manziel last Monday and reportedly told police the trouble quarterback should not be dating Colleen Crowley.
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By Steve DelVecchio

Cleveland Browns linebacker Paul Kruger stopped to check on his teammate Johnny Manziel last week after he saw Manziel had been pulled over by police. Kruger didn’t stick around long, but he stayed long enough to give an officer his opinion of Manziel’s girlfriend.

Kruger says he was driving by when he spotted Manziel and Colleen Crowley being questioned by police, so he decided to stop. In the footage we showed you earlier this week, Crowley could be heard saying “he doesn’t need to be here” and “he needs to go.” She was referring to Kruger, and apparently the feeling was mutual.

Before he exited the scene, Kruger told an officer that Manziel should not be dating Crowley.

“She’s not the right one he should be with, I’ll tell you that much,” Kruger said. 

Johnny Manziel Colleen Crowley

Officers determined that Crowley was intoxicated and that Manziel was not. Crowley had an abrasion on her arm, but police believed it was the result of Manziel trying to prevent her from exiting his vehicle while it was moving. The 911 call from the incident features Manziel pleading with Crowley to let him take her home.

Crowley later downplayed everything on Instagram and said things between her and Manziel are fine. Kruger seems to disagree.

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