Patriots showcase greatness in epic comeback

The New England Patriots are typically a frontrunner. On Sunday, they put forth an effort for the ages, showing why they are the best of all-time.

There is no longer an argument. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and the New England Patriots are the best dynasty to ever roam a football field. The debate came to an emphatic close amid the cannons of confetti at NRG Stadium in Houston, with scores of Patriots and Falcons players strewn about the field.

Nobody could believe what had happened, and yet it did. After trailing 28-3 midway through the third quarter, Brady and his charges summoned up a courage and strength perhaps even they didn’t truly believe was inside them. Facing near impossible odds, New England mounted the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Brady ended the night earning his fifth ring, the most by a quarterback in the Super Bowl era. Belichick now has seven, five as a head coach in New England, putting him atop his contemporaries. For most of the night, it appeared Dan Quinn and Matt Ryan were going to be anointed into a special, elite class. They would earn their way into the Super Bowl pantheon of greats. instead, they are left wearing goat horns, affixed by Brady and Belichick in the cruelest of manners.

New England is an artist, painting a masterstroke in front of the world on Sunday night. At first, the painting resembled macaroni art from a first grader daydreaming about recess. By the end, it was a Van Gogh, touching on all the colors that make it special.

Brady finished with 466 passing yards, the most in Super Bowl history. Yet the story of this game and the measure of his greatness can’t be held by statistics. Only a fool would believe it could be. The California native who listened to 199 names get called before his in the 2000 NFL Draft put forth an epic, a championship that nobody will ever forget. It was a monument to his greatness, and the greatness of his team.

This was accomplished without Rob Gronkowski or Jamie Collins, two of the best players in football. The Patriots began the season starting Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett for four games, winning three of them. Then, Brady returned and went on his Tour de Force, throwing for 28 touchdowns against two interceptions.

There will always be those who discredit and defame Brady, citing DeflateGate and a seething jealousy of his success. Despite that, Brady justifiably stands above the rest.

On Sunday, the Super Bowl encapsulated all the traits which make Brady a living legend. At 39 years old, he summoned poise and precision, daring and decisiveness. He was the leader a quarterback is supposed to be, leading his team from the dead to the doorstep, and eventually the promised land.

The Patriots are champs again, and Brady is once more king of the hill.

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