Patriots Rumors: Josh McDaniels Interested in Lions, Titans in 2018

Recent Patriots rumors have indicated that New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels already has a few places he wouldn’t mind coaching next season.

After withdrawing himself from the San Francisco 49ers head coaching job, Patriots rumors have been about where Josh McDaniels would like to coach next season. As one of the best offensive coordinators in the league, he will be a premier head coaching candidate.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, McDaniels has his eyes set on two spots. The first being the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans’ job would certainly be a good spot for McDaniels to land. They have an up-and-coming quarterback in Marcus Mariota, a strong running game, and one of the best offensive lines in football. As an offensive mind, McDaniels would likely have a lot of fun drawing up plays with Mariota as his quarterback.

The second job is also a good landing spot, as Cole also reports that he is interested in the Lions. After making the playoffs in the 2016 season, the Lions will have some expectations to accomplish more in 2017. If they don’t it might be time for a change in Detroit. The Lions did have a collapse at the end of the season, but much of that was because of the finger injury to Matthew Stafford.

If Detroit was the place for McDaniels, having a quarterback like Stafford to start with would be excellent. It is very hard to find a franchise quarterback in the NFL, and McDaniels appears to know that with the two teams he is reportedly interested in.

As always, there will be other head coaching vacancies open next season as teams will undoubtedly fire their head coaches after disappointing seasons. For McDaniels, waiting for the right job is the right move for him at this point.

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