Patriots’ new CB Stephon Gilmore explains why his new baby is named Gisele

Tom Brady’s wife is no longer the only Gisele in the New England Patriots’ extended family. Stephon Gilmore said he and his wife named the couple’s daughter, who was born the same day he signed his five-year deal with the Patriots, Gisele shortly after inking the $65 million deal Friday.

“I actually named her Gisele Sienna Gilmore,” Gilmore said Monday during his introductory conference call, via NESN. “My wife’s name is Gabrielle, so we thought of a ‘G’ name, and we picked Gisele. She was seven pounds, eight ounces. I don’t know how long she was, but it was a blessing when she came into this world.”

Now was Gilmore’s decision affected by his free-agent choice, possibly an attempt to get on the good side of the franchise quarterback? Gilmore doesn’t say, but his talent should make Brady pretty happy. The 26-year-old corner is coming off his best season in the league, finishing with a career-high five interceptions and being named to his first Pro Bowl.

Whatever the case, Friday was a pretty memorable day in the Gilmore household.

“It was just a great day,” Gilmore said. “I flew in and signed. She actually came late, so she came on the same day that I signed with the Patriots. As soon as I landed she was delivered 45 minutes after I got to the hospital, so she really waited on me to get back. So it was a blessing to do that.

“It was just a good day. I haven’t really slept much. I just got back from the hospital (Sunday). I’m blessed and back in Charlotte working out right now.”