Patrick Mahomes II adds QB intrigue for 2017 NFL Draft

Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes has put up some huge numbers, and will be adding some intrigue to the 2017 NFL Draft class…

Patrick Mahomes II was one of the most electric playmakers at the quarterback position in all of college football this past season, and he has declared his intent to enter the 2017 NFL Draft…

There will be an adjustment from Texas Tech’s offense to the NFL, of course, but there are few quarterbacks eligible for this year’s draft that possess the type of skillset Mahomes brings to the table. He has arguably the strongest arm in this year’s crop of passers, and has excellent escape ability, mobility, and instincts.

Mahomes’ quick release and ability to make plays led to one of the most impressive individual efforts you will see in college football. He completed nearly 67 percent of his 591 passes this season for 5,052 yards with 41 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions.

He also added 12 rushing touchdowns, proving he can make big plays with his legs.

As Mahomes continues to develop in his footwork and ability to run a pro style offense, dare I say there are some times when he reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. The ability to run and make plays with his feet will always be there, but Mahomes can absolutely dice up a defense from the pocket, outside the pocket, with his feet set, on the move — wherever.

He’s a good passer in the short, intermediate, and deep down the field. Where he reminds me a bit of Rodgers is when he’s making plays under pressure, slinging the ball into tight spaces or throwing an accurate ball deep downfield off of his back foot, making it look easy.

The development will take some time, but this is an exciting prospect with a great set of skills for an NFL coaching staff to work with. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him taken in the first or second round.

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