Our reporters are tough — just watch

NFL on FOX sideline reporter Pam Oliver took a football to the face on Sunday and stood her ground. The moment was captured on camera and will stand as a testament to her toughness.

A couple of thoughts before we move on:

1. Getting hit by just about anything you don’t see coming is a jarring experience.

2. Footballs are hard, man!

That said, she’s just the latest of our brethren under the FOX Sports umbrella facing physical harm in the line of duty.

Let’s look at some of the notable additions.

1. Sophia Minnaert is hit by baseball, carries on

FOX Sports Wisconsin’s Minnaert was giving an update during a Brewers game when — BAM!! — a baseball takes out her mic, knocking it into her face.

She gathers herself and carries on like a trooper.

2. Jason Jackson hit with a towel

OK, the SunSports reporter didn’t get hurt. But still, he’s just trying to interview LeBron James after a game.

As Jackson said at the time: "That wasn’t necessary at all."

3. Nick Collins comes tumbling down

This one didn’t feature any outside interference, but it was a tough fall nonetheless.

SkySports reporter Nick Collins was standing on a step stool outside Wembley Stadium when he lost his footing and crashed to the ground.

Don’t worry, he brushed himself off and got back to work.

<a href="http://msn.foxsports.com/video?vid=20bfe740-1187-416e-a8cf-c49c1523e300" target="_new" title="">Sky reporter falls from chair during live report</a>

4. Amy Campbell trucked by WR

Eat your heart out, Pam. You took a football to the face but that’s nothing compared to being blindsided by a full-grown man running out of bounds.

The best part is you can kinda see it coming in the background as she stays focused on her interview.