Packers o-line working out in Nashville this week

With no end in sight for the NFL lockout, a group of Green Bay

Packers offensive linemen are in Tennessee this week for group


In an email to The Associated Press, Packers center Scott Wells

said the majority of the offensive line came into Nashville on

Sunday night for a few days of workouts this week.

”We all felt it would be a great opportunity to get together to

work and talk football,” Wells said. ”It helps break up the

offseason. Plus, its always good to spend time together as a


Wells said the sessions are being run by his trainer, Judd

Granzow of M.A.D. Sports Training. The group chose Nashville

because both Wells and left tackle Chad Clifton live the area

during the offseason.

”A couple of the guys expressed a want to get together and see

one another as well as work out together,” Wells said. ”I took

the opportunity, since Chad Clifton and I live near Nashville, to

have the guys come here.”

NFL players are prohibited from working out at team facilities

during the lockout.

A handful of teams have held large-scale, player-organized

workouts away from team facilities during the lockout, but the

reigning Super Bowl champions have not – in large part because so

many Packers players live elsewhere during the offseason.

Several players are coming back to Wisconsin for wide receiver

Donald Driver’s charity softball game on Sunday, and Packers

players are scheduled to receive their Super Bowl rings in a June

16 ceremony at Lambeau Field.

Although contact between players and team officials generally is

prohibited during the work stoppage, the Packers received clearance

from the NFL to hold the ring ceremony even if the lockout remains

in effect.

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