Opportune Chance for the Steelers to Turn Season Around

The Steelers are gearing up to make their playoff push, and it couldn’t have come at a more opportune point in their schedule.

Losing Blues

Hey Steeler Nation.

I know at this point you probably aren’t feeling so confident about your Steelers chances this season. As a Steeler fan, you probably have been the butt of many of your friends/co-workers jokes the last several weeks.

I know I have, especially considering the fact that I go to college in Boston, where many of my friends are relaxing as their beloved Patriots prepare to make the playoffs for what seems like the 1000th year in a row.

However, even despite the fact that the Steelers haven’t won in over a month, there is still a glimmer of hope. That shiny beacon of optimism for Steelers fans, of course, is the Cleveland Browns.

The Perfect Christmas Gift, Two Games vs. Cleveland

What better team to have next on your schedule when a season changing performance is more necessary than ever? At 0-10, the Browns have looked even less competitive than normal. A big Steeler victory is almost a given.

Then, after a quick 4 day turnaround, the Steelers head to Indianapolis to face off on Thanksgiving Night.

While the Colts have played better as of late, they similarly have not impressed so far in 2016. Additionally, the Steelers seem to have the Colts number, as they have come out on top in high scoring blowouts both in the 2015 and 2014 seasons. In those contests, Big Ben carved up the Indy defense with ease, throwing for over 800 yards combined and tossing 10 touchdowns compared to 0 interceptions.

One way or another the Steelers playoff chances will be drastically different a week from today. Hopefully the Steelers will be coming off two momentum gaining wins and be heading into December with a 6-5 record.

However, as we have learned time and time again with the Steelers, no win is guaranteed. The Tomlin-era Steelers have constantly been criticized for failing to win easy matchups.

The Steelers must overcome this weakness and treat these next few games as if the season, and their jobs, are on the line. We are at a critical point in the season, and the Steelers need to prove that they are legitimate playoff contenders.

Luckily, as Thanksgiving approaches, we are all thankful for the Browns. With a soft section of their schedule approaching, the Steelers have time to figure things out.

Must Win for Tomlin

So on Sunday, its safe to assume that we are all expecting a Steelers victory. As Big Ben noted, this matchup vs. Cleveland is a “must win game.”

Tomlin needs to quell his critics and lead Pittsburgh to victory over sub.500 competition.

If he fails and the Steelers lose to Cleveland …. some major issues will need to be addressed heading into the off season.

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