One Smart NFL Prospect’s Decision Deserves Another

Christian McCaffrey took a page out of Leonard Fournette’s book and played it smart.

Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey is playing it smart just like LSU running back Leonard Fournette. Like Fournette, all McCaffrey has left is a meaningless Bowl game left to play for Stanford. But he will miss the Sun Bowl to focus on his NFL draft preparation.

McCaffrey wrote on Twitter, “Very tough decision, but I have decided not to play in the Sun Bowl so I can begin my draft prep immediately. Thx to all my teammates for their 100% support — It means a lot to me. Go Cardinal!”

McCaffrey’s No. 18 Stanford will face North Carolina in the Hyundai Sun Bowl on Dec. 30 without him. Fournette and now McCaffrey are setting a smart trend among top NFL Draft prospects. Players like fellow RB Marcus Lattimore and ILB Jaylon Smith are the reasons why.

RB’s and LB’s are the two positions in the most danger of sustaining a catastrophic injury. So one could easily understand the decision of two of the best RB prospects just made. McCaffrey also has a chance to add the to weight go higher in the first round.

McCaffrey has a $5 million disability policy if an injury caused him to be permanently disabled. He also has a $3 million loss of value policy if an injury causes him to slip past No. 40 overall. But the best insurance policy is not to play in an end-of-season exhibition game.

This is why Bowl Games should be the start of 16-team or 20-team playoff but that is for another article. Of course, his former head coach, David Shaw, supports him all the way.

He said, “We understand that this was a very difficult decision. For three years Christian has not only been a great player, but a great teammate as well. We wish him great success at the next level, as we continue our preparation for the Sun Bowl.”

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