On the Cowboys’ struggles to finish the fight

Oct 4, 2015; New Orleans, LA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden (3) signals at the line against the New Orleans Saints during the first quarter of a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

By James Rangel

The Dallas Cowboys have had a lead in the first half in three out of their four games so far this season. Only one of those three were won. Even with that one win, they still had a poor second half to barely hold on to win that one and that has been the case for every game.

Dallas has started each game red hot, but once the second half comes around they start to play down to their opponent’s level and that is when they fall behind. Whoever is playing the Cowboys now realizes they have enough confidence to not let their first half play impact them since they know they need a better second half to secure the game. In no way am I saying that Dallas just sits there and gives the game away. They give a valiant fight, but they are in simple terms, a first half team. They rely on a stellar first half to win games and just hope that their opponents have a mediocre second half to not let their lead slip away.

Unfortunately, you cannot rely on just one half to win games, not only in the NFL, but in any sport for that matter. This puts them at a major disadvantage when they play consistent teams that don’t allow them to have a good first half and that is where the game gets out of hand. The teams that are even inconsistent stand a good chance when they play the Cowboys since it is merely a game of catch up in the second half.

The fact that the Cowboys continue to lose key players doesn’t help their cause and takes away that first half factor they have going for them. Losing more players each week not only cripples their overall ability, but mainly their chemistry as a unit. They have to change their schemes each week due to injuries and have players that have not had much experience take on the role of veterans on such short notice.

So for as long as this season continues you can expect even more injuries due to the fact that the training staff wants to throw in those main players as soon as possible, not letting them fully recover. This then leads to re-injuring those players once again and leaves them in a predicament. The Cowboys just have to weather this storm to the best of their ability and have faith in the backups that take over those major roles.

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