Odell Beckham Jr. throws shade at NFL for not fining Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott has received a great deal of attention for his hilarious (and charitable) celebration following a touchdown on Sunday night. After finding the end zone, Elliott ran over to the Salvation Army kettle and jumped in.

He was penalized 15 yards for it, but on Monday, news came out that he wouldn’t be fined for his leap. It appears as though the NFL realized Elliott didn’t mean anything bad by his celebration and instead helped the Salvation Army receive a boatload of donations – a 61 percent increase, per one report.

Odell Beckham Jr. caught wind of Elliott’s free pass and shared his thoughts on it with a tweet.

Beckham is throwing some obvious shade at Elliott, but also at the NFL for essentially proving his point that he’s targeted by the league. He’s been penalized and fined several times for excessive celebrations.

Would he have received a letter from the league if he jumped into the kettle? Who knows, but it’s probably safe to assume he wouldn’t have. The NFL wouldn’t treat him any differently than it does Elliott.