Odell Beckham Jr. could be fined after cheap shot on Josh Norman

If Odell Beckham Jr. came into his matchup with Josh Norman a little too hyped, things have only gotten worse as the game as gone on.

The Giants’ second-year stud and the Panthers’ shut-down corner have been sparring pretty much all game, but late in the third quarter, they went after each other on two straight plays.

A cheap-shot helmet spear to the jaw by Beckham was flagged for a personal foul. On the next play, Norman took umbrage and also drew a flag. FOX NFL analyst Troy Aikman called Beckham’s move a “cheap shot” and FOX Sports rules guru Mike Pereira also weighed in on Twitter.

Beckham Jr and Norman gave us quite a show in just the first quarter.

On the Giants’ first drive, Beckham roasted Norman on what would have been a sure touchdown.

On top of that, the two of them were involved in two scrums, as well, and Beckham, who has just looked off his game, drew a personal foul flag in the second quarter.